Calvary...a place of hope, healing & wholeness
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Our Goals

It's our goal to have worship services that are saturated with the presence of God, where the entire congregation is engaged in glorifying God and building up the body of Christ and where unbelievers experience a divine encounter with Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and are saved.

It's our goal to have prayer permeate all aspects of the church's life as reflected in the personal prayer lives of believers and the corporate prayer life of the congregation, including the establishment of a 24/7 "prayer furnace" with "harp and bowl" ministry.

It's our goal to have deliverance, healing, counseling and restoration ministries that are anointed by the Holy Spirit to set people free from demonic bondage and unhealthy entrenched patterns, and to heal damaged emotions, memories and bodies.

It's our goal to be intentional and systematic in our discipleship, focusing on content, conduct, and character in order to empower believers to know and live the truth of God's Word.

It's our goal to see planned as well as spontaneous small groups develop in our church in order to provide a connection with other believers, the development of healthy, loving, and authentic relationships in the body of Christ, the nurture of spiritual fruit and spiritual gifts, practical help and support, and outreach into the community.

It's our goal to have leadership that empowers and equips believers to operate as a team in a Spirit-filled gift-oriented ministry so as to impact the church and the community with God's wholeness.

It's our goal to foster contagious evangelism that is authentic, relational and Spirit-led, empowering believers to meet unbelievers at their point of need - spiritually, emotionally and physically - with the good news of Jesus.

It's our goal to develop an interdependent connection among the churches in our community, allowing us to function as the greater body of Christ through our united witness and worship of Christ, through loving relationship, and through joint service to the people in our community.

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